Chris Smith Memorial Fund Guiding Principles. 

Please read the guiding principles below before applying.

1. The Mission Statement of the Chris Smith Memorial Fund( CSMF)  is the advancement of any running related sport, primarily to children or young people, based in the UK, for the public benefit through the provision of grants or donations to assist in training, participation in competition or preparation for running related activities.

2. These principles are designed to guide those applying to the fund.  The CSMF trustees may choose to support any application that meets the objectives of the CSMF, irrespective of these principles.

3. Each grant application will be considered on merit and the awarding of a grant should not be assumed.

4. The CSMF is there to support any runners irrespective of ability whose application meets the Mission Statement of the CSMF.

5. The CSMF will support individuals or organisations.

6. The maximum size of any grant awarded is £500.

7. No more than 1 grant will be given to any individual or organization within any 12 month period. 

8. Grants will not be given to support living expenses. Eg to pay rent/mortgage/utility bills.

9. Priority will be given to grants supporting age groups below the masters age group as defined by UK athletics (currently master is >35).

10. Priority will be given to those grants that will make a difference to someone participating in running related activity.  

11. Applications for grants will be considered at quarterly meetings of the CSMF trustees.

12. All applications must be submitted in advance of expenditure taking place.

13. If successful, payment of grant will then be made following evidence of the expense having been incurred however in exceptional circumstances grants can be given in advance of an expense being incurred.

14. Applications are invited from anyone living in the UK.

15. Successful applicants are requested to provide a short summary detailing what the grant has helped them to achieve. It may be in any format such as a link to a post on a social media site, written report, in an email or any other format. This may be used to promote the fund and also to provide assurance to both donors and the board of trustees that the funds are being spent appropriately.

16. We would like to support all applicants. We will award grants to those applicants whose application best meets the mission of the fund and/or where we feel the money will have the biggest impact.

The preferred method of application is using the google form linked in the “apply” button above. If you are unable to use this, please contact us and we can discuss alternative methods of application.